Election Day <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> GASP.ALMA.RAMPS LUTE.CPAS.ODORS ATEN.REUS.DOLES DONTBOOVOTE.ETS ..TUES.ECHO.... ...PTS..IOLANTA SUP...DRAMATIST PRESIDENTJBIDEN ILLATEASE...ELO TSETSES..AMA... ....ARHE.NAME.. SSR.BYEBYEDONNY ATARI.SEEM.EVOE DECOR..RTI.BOSA SPEED..TIC.AYES <ACROSS> [Oh my!] ___ Mater Increases Old-times instrument Num. crunchers Scents Great score, perhaps German soccer great Marcus Hands (out) Obama admonition to the electorate in 2016 and again in 2020 Aliens Wed predecessor Repeat Score per team, e.g. Op. 69, a lyric opera in one act by Pyotr Tchaikovsky “How ya doin’?” One who writes plays New DC resident come January 2021 Uncomfortable English rock band with hits like “Don’t Bring Me Down” Gross flies in too many crossword puzzles, but damn, those letters Reddit Q&A Jumbled hare Jim, Claudius, or Deborah, for example Chevrolet small truck What the electorate will say to Trump in the 2020 election Nintendo predecessor Appear In British English, an exclamation of Bacchic frenzy Furnishing Response to Intervention, briefly NFL player Nick or Joey Keanu Reeves / Sandra Bullock starrer Like endlessly tapping your foot Another word for 57-Down <DOWN> Pleased Car A tubular support Closely confined, as in frustrations What this answer isn’t The local public employment office, initially A color Hang out (with) Horse wrangling experimentation place? Much ____ Birthmark ____-a-porter Snake sound Wanna ___? Number 3, in which 37-Across would be 46, for short A town in Chad A brood or nest of pheasants Nonsense LETS anagram _____ time Expectorate Links Soccer great Sprinkles remains, maybe? Docs’ partners Took a load off Exclamation before seeing Superman According to an Urban Dictionary, a lazy teacher you can’t stand Pallid Cracked competitor Microscopic living entity Siskel’s pal A messenger Unhappinesses A single stair Competition Frozen bad guy Your mask should cover it during a viral aerosolized pandemic Another word for 67-Across Eggs <NOTEPAD> Created on CrosswordHobbyist.com