Themeless Puzzle 1 <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> DOG.SCHOOLS.MEW ARE.CRIMPER.ANA MEN.RAINING.DDT ..TRAPPIN..PRET SALEMS...SPEEDS PLED..STATIC... YEM..FAVEOLATE. .JANUARYTWENTY. .ONESECOND..TEN ...SERENA..ETRE BRATTY...TSETSE OILS..FALSEST.. OPA.IDEAMAN.TRI TEM.LEOPARD.TOO SNO.ATALOSS.TON <ACROSS> Non-sub woofer Study halls? High-pitched cry Third-person plural present of "be" A hairdresser ____ Ng (song by They Might Be Giants) More generic plural of 3-Down With "It's" and 17-Down, title of a Weather Girls hit Pesticide that's banned in the US Slang term for selling illegal drugs "Ready," in French _____ Lot (Stephen King novel) Breaks the law while driving Beseeched Unchanging Abbr. for a Middle Eastern country Having cavities like a honeycomb Inauguration Day Very brief amount of time Perfect, say, as in a score One a famous pair of tennis sisters To be, in French Unpleasant and snotty Bloodsucker Greases Least true Mediterranean emotional expression One who thinks stuff up Prefix with angle or pod Another name for Atum, an Egyptian deity One with unchangeable spots Also ____-Caps Feeling that might lead to texting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2,000 pounds <DOWN> Water stopper Rock A well-mannered male "Git!" Casino game How one might greet intellectual property, in brief? Prefix with "potent" Operate inside, shortly? Spy novelist Deighton Lt. would salute Mother, in Spanish Concluded Units of power Crimson A smooth brown nut Operative, perhaps Spanish footballer Iván Store the fourth letter of the alphabet? Stack A sieve in Middle English "That television over there," casually, then formally Insurance company A small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers Sound a sprinkler makes Those who see Certain smart thermostats The smart way to spell Tsongas Born What breezes and cheeses have in common Evicts Get fresher Oft-remembered locale Certain leaders Emails Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, in brief Computer stock Hahaha, in SMS A community in the US state of Georgia Like Holmes or Encyclopedia Brown, for short Popular hopper in Australia, e..g Charged atom <NOTEPAD> Created on