Children's Songs <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> FRY.CLOP.CAL... LOE.LAKE.RSU... ATA.OWEN.UMPIRE GOROUNDANDROUND ..SOD..LEE..DSA ...FYRE.AREAS.. HEM..ANDR.TASES IMALITTLETEAPOT TULIP.RISE..ANY ..TEASE.TEMP... ESE..PAT..YOO.. ITSYBITSYSPIDER ONEALL.AAAA.ONO ...MAL.RRRR.RIC ...SMS.SNES.SDK <ACROSS> French American thing Horse sound Western state in the US Scottish variant of "love" Actress Bell Stock grant at a startup, e.g. One ____ time Actor Wilson Ball caller What the wheels on the bus do Grass Sara ____ Org that is lefter than Dems Ill-fated Festival Zones Haw partner R ______ Stuns Declaration of one's being a vessel for spice-soaked water A flower Elevate Not a particular one Mock Like 72 or 101, in brief "Man," in Spanish Butter amount ___-Hoo Very tiny arachnid Low-scoring tie game Yikes! World's most famous Yoko Latin prefix meaning "evil" Motor sound ____ Flair Text GameCube predecessor It might have an API <DOWN> Note as _____-Rooter How we measure age Not sunny Where you might lay 23-Across Approved Colony type More crass A tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, in brief Latin for "wolf" Relaxation station that dispenses pregnancy prevention devices? Nurses, i.e. ___ Zoritte (born 1926); Israeli writer, essayist, playwright, translator and poet [Ouch] Most close Tattle Beg Summer in Paris Jump providers Chart-topper Ostrich White, hypoallergenic dog MCII halved Long period of time Messy dwelling Untruth Fancy ale Where a golfball sits _______ the beans Scores of mine, when I use exactly the prescribed number of strokes? A Hawaiian dish made from the fermented root of the taro E-I-____ Like KTLA or WKRP Rulers Smells They're not sweet potatoes Boom! You might spin one Archaic British word for dry or withered BNL song about a woman Roll's partner <NOTEPAD> Created on