Themeless Puzzle 2 <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> ONEDOWN.HADAFIT LORELEI.OTHELLO DAMSELS.OILPALM SHA..TSARS..TEE ...URSALA.LASSI ITSME.NAY.ABC.. SIESTA..ENTERED ARC.CIA.DOE.ETA TERRORS..DRIEST ..EIN.MEN.ANNIE ANTES.AREOLA... BOI..ARROW..MSR ONOZARK.PEASANT UNNERVE.ETHANOL TASERED.TOILETS <ACROSS> What this isn’t Stormed off, say One of the Gilmores on Gilmore Girls Shakespearean starring role They are often in distress A widely cultivated tropical West African tree Urial Certain leaders Shirt type Animal Crossing character who sounds like a mermaid villain Popular traditional Indian drink; a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit Response to “Who’s there?” Nope Network Nap Went in Curve Spooks org. A female deer Detail that the Uber app can provide, e.g. Scares Least wet One, in German Adult males Female name in the title of at least two Broadway musicals Bets Nipple part Sk8r-___ (Avril Lavigne song) Bow partner With “P,” what the creator suggests you sell for Where Jason Bateman stars Serf Make (someone) lose confidence Colorless flammable liquid Stunned Johns <DOWN> Classic car, for short Ark maker Humorist Bombeck Rare negative prefix Exclamation of approval Marks Leaf maker Cheered? Any of several trees of the genus Annona FedEx competitor Americanized version of a Jewish Greek organization Popular TV variant Hungarian surname (as in Márton the composer) Oscar winning actress from “My Cousin Vinny” Between “chicken” and “king” Ers partner Imposes a different interpretation of previous events, especially in film, TV, or literature Keep a play alive in football, maybe Honest prez Personal declaration indicating that you didn’t stand Exhaust Discharges Things can be in it, up in it, or full of hot variants of it Indicate assent ____ de statu, a Papal bull issued by Pope Boniface VII in 1297 A specific day in 1297, say A way things might be priced “Laugh,” in Spanish “I’ll be out ____ minute.” Screw up Virtual animal bought with virtual currency from a particular website Roughly A person’s grandmother Have an obligation A river in France, and briefly Switzerland A growth of long hair An arrogant person Real-Time Locating System, initially At the tail end of fuzz Pirate sound Tuna Jimmy Kimmel’s cousin <NOTEPAD> Created on