Board Game <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> PAWN.ANIN..LAME ARIA.LOCO.BELTS RCPS.TOER.OVENS CHECKANDMATE... ...AIR.ASL.LESA CERRA....ALINES ATE..DESERTSAND THEQUEENSGAMBIT SETUPBLAME..LLI UNREST....BREES PEEN.EAI.BAH... ...CHESSPLAYERS BATHE.SOLA.TRIP OGRES.ELAN.HIVE DEIS..TANK.MEAD <ACROSS> Common piece in a game enjoyed by 51-Across One might have one, with a VIP, say Uncool Solo Cray cray What a soprano performing a 13-Across does with high notes Unix commands to remotely copy files Rote, decidedly not by rote Cookers What one 51-Across might say to the other, in declaring victory It's breathable Language used by the deaf in the USA Hebrew girl name Closes, in Spanish Is arranged straight (alt.) Consumed Grains in a dry place? Netflix series featuring 51-across in multiple senses Conspire to frame, say 101, in bad Roman numerals Disturbance NFL'er Drew Ball ____ hammer What's up, in Portuguese Humbug preceder See 1-Across, 19-Across, and 38-Across Ablute Souther Los Angeles, in brief Vacation Shrek and Fiona, e.g. Energy ____ mind Nickname for a Waltham, MA university Where gas might go Old-school beer <DOWN> A Xerox company, named after its Palo Alto home Eyebrow action It may be non-flushable Auto racing organization Where one might get married High _____ What Alan might see atop a personalized cupcake Standards Disposition or endeavor to indicate distinctions of rank Beer Everest, for one, e.g. Science begins with it Droid Korean car brand What size t-shirt a bigger person might order Allow to occur No longer with it How AB tries to seem on SNL? Ketchup alternative Flammable gas Subject line about a common French infinitive? Could refer to a lifetime allowance or a longterm agreement One who is owed Slippery marine life John Wayne Airport, by IATA airport code Intergovernmental organization located in Luxembourg City, in short Sates, as in thirst Frequent "downs" partner Sheep sound Coupled with music, some say you can't ask for anything more A useful thing An Italian island You might fill one in ____ Just Not That Into You Everyone has one, until they get punched in the mouth, some say Lake between the US and Canada A deaf and mute fictional character in Star Trek Went fast Physique, slangily 39, six months, or 12, e.g. Prefix with angle or pod <NOTEPAD> Created on