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Module 1: Biology: The Study of Life

Module 1: Biology (2 of 2)
An abrupt and marked change in the DNA of an organism compared to that of its parents
The idea that long ago, very simple life forms spontaneously appeared through chemical reactions
Reproduction that requires two organisms
A unit of one or more populations of individuals that can reproduce under normal conditions, produce fertile offspring, and are reproductively isolated from other such units
Naming an organism with its genus and species name
Living creatures that are too small to see with the naked eye
A theory that has been tested by and is consistent with generations of data
Reproduction accomplished by a single organism
A cell with distinct, membrane-bounded organelles
A cell that has no distinct, membrane-bounded organelles
A hypothesis that has been tested with a significant amount of data
The process by which physical and biological characteristics are transmitted from the parent (or parents) to the offspring
An educated guess that attempts to explain an observation or answer a question
The science of classifying organisms