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Cancer and the Cell Cycle

Teacher: Mrs. Snodgrass
Uncontrollable cell division that results in a group of over 100 different diseases
Self destruction of cells
Cancer causing agents
Removal of tumor and surrounding tissue
Phase of the cell cycle that includes prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase
Phase of the cell cycle that includes G1, S and G2
The G2 checkpoint checks for this
The G1 checkpoint checks for this
Phase of the cell cycle in which the cytoplasm divides
Chemical in the cell that signals mitosis
The process of cancerous cells spreading through blood or lymph
Tumors that are not cancer
Removal of a tissue sample
Treatment for cancer using chemicals that disrupt cell division.
Cancerous tumor that may spread
The checkpoint that occurs during Mitosis
A p53 ___________ is the most frequent change in DNA that leads to cancer.
Cancer treatment using high energy rays
_______, along with cyclin, are the major control switches for the cell cycle.
A mass of cells