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Poultry Vocabulary

Teacher: B Warner
Temporary storage space for food in the digestive tract
A perch, off the ground, upon which a chicken sleeps
Muscular pouch behind the stomach that may contain sand or gravel and helps break down food
Small group of chickens
The temperature of the water used to dip a chicken carcass before plucking
An adult female chicken
A chicken grown to primarily lay eggs
A chicken grown for meat production
Pertaining to birds
Removing the feathers of the chicken
The soft, red skin on top of a chicken's head
A miniature fowl that is 1/3 to 1/2 the size of standard
Female chicken less than 6 months old
Hard outside of the egg
Yellow portion of an egg
Feathers on the legs and feet of a chicken
A device that provides constant temperature and is used to hatch eggs
Pocket of air formed at the large end of the egg inside the shell
An adult male chicken
When a chicken cleans it's feathers with it's beak
Using a bright light to see inside an agg
A group of newly hatched chicks
The white part of the inside of an egg
Group of eggs in a nest
The protective coating on fresh laid eggs that seals the shell from bacteria
When a mature hen looses its feathers and it takes a short break from laying eggs