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7th Grade Vocab Week 7A/7B

Teacher: Mr. Jentsch
Most important or exciting
Study of the physical world, experimenting systematically
Hanging rod of ice
Leadership, advice, OR control system
Set aside, give
Ordered like the alphabet
Persons, animals, or plants that are larger than normal
Purchase too many items
Lessen, lighten
Bring into line or the correct position
Glowing hot OR extremely emotional OR spicy, temper
Silvery lightweight metal
Money given a child by the parents
Permit, OR auto plate
Fishing through a hole in the ice
Feeling of wonder or surprise, astonishment
Mythical huge lumberman
Give as a share, task
Swelling of the big toe
Do it for pleasure rather than pay, unskilled
To breathe long and loud
Place where books, DVDs, and magazines are kept
Narrow passage behind or between buildings
Humor based on opposites