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Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Coach Young
Group of people that conquered and helped stop growth of Islam.
Art/architecture style of Islam that used geometric patterns
Successor, deputy, leader in Islam
Birthplace of Muhammad
Language of Islam.
Holy month when Muslims fast
Charity/support of those less fortunate
Sect that believes only descendants of Ali can be Caliph
This battle helped stop advance of Islam in Europe
Holy book of Islam
Number of times Muslims must pray per day
Islam means _______ to God
Best model for proper living, Muhammad's example
One who submits to Allah
Prophet of Islam
Holy war
Holy war
holiest site in Islam, and is often called by names such as the House of God
One who submits to Allah
This is the law of Islam
Invasions/war between Christians and Muslims for Holy Land
Archangel who spoke to Muhammad
Peninsula where Islam started
Islamic house of worship
Group of nomads in desert/Middle East
Holy city for Christians, Jews, and Muslims
Pope who launched 1st crusade (name only)
Sect that believes anyone can be Caliph
Pilgrimage to Mecca
God of Islam