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Ava's Spelling Letter Week 14

Homework: Ava Thomas
Having or showing self respect.
Strip off outer.
German submarine .
An enclosed structure in which material can be heated at high temps.
To move about s if uncontrollable.
Low bank or reef coral, rock or sand.
To move back or away.
A translucent, whitish variety of gypsum, used for statues, vases, ect...
Regarded as more importent than something else.
Scheme; given to or involved in conspiring to do something immortal, illegal, or harmful.
Without purpose
An infectious disease transmitted by a particular type of mosquito.
Revolt against authority; rebellion of soldiers or sailors against their officers.
Plant for purifying materials such as oil, sugar, ect...
The science of locating the position and plotting the course of ships and aircraft.
Very large; heavy; solid
Thick lined curtains to block light.
A ship with two or more masts.
Quick unexpected movement forward.
Exposed to wind and cold ;bare
Device used to catch water
Tropical, salt resistant tree with white/purple edible berries
Boldly resistant or challenging
Remains of anything broken down or destroyed