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6th Grade - Chapter 10 Forces Shaping Earth

Teacher: Mrs. Morey
Principle stating that Earth's lithosphere floats on a plastic-like upper part of the mantle called the athenosphere
Solid, innermost layer of Earth's interior that is the hottest part of Earth and experiences the greatest amount of pressure
Large fracture in rock along which movement occurs
Sharp, jagged mountains made of huge, tilted blocks of rock that are separated from surrounding rock by faults and form because of pulling forces
Earth's outermost layer that is thinnest under the oceans and thickest through the mountains and contains all the features of Earth's surface
Mountain that forms when magma is forced upward and flows on Earth's surface
Layer of Earth that lies above the inner core and is thought to be made of molten metal
Rigid layer of Earth about 100 km thick, made of the crust and a part of the upper mantle
Mountain that forms when forces inside Earth push up the crust
Mountains that form by the folding of rock layers caused by compressive forces
A type of plate movement that occurs when one plate sinks beneath another plate
Section of Earth's crust and rigid, upper mantle that moves slowly around on the athenosphere
Largest layer of Earth's interior that lies above the outer core and is solid but flows slowly