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Interesting Indiana

Nickname for people who live in Indiana
Lead singer of Guns N Roses
Played for the Boston Celtics
Home of the Colts
Invented rapid fire machine gun
David Letterma was born here
An "honest" president
Home of the Indy 500
Indinana State Flower
Pizza commerical with Peyton Manning
Recreation of local life in the 19th century. The William Conner House is onsite.
Famous swamp that Gene Porter lived in.
Walked on foot planting orchards in Indiana
Creator of Garfield
Indiana State Bird
Once known as Circus Capital of America
Indiana's oldest city
Mother of the Brady Bunch
The King of Pop
Land of the Indians
Created "finger licking good" chicken
Indiana State Tree
Houses 250 species of animals
The "Crown Jewel" of Madison County Historic Distict
Indiana State Stone