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Unit 10 - Irrigation Vocabulary

CASE 3.1: Victor Garrone
Natural way water is deposited on earth, such as rain or snow.
Accumulated precipitation in lakes, streams, and reservoirs available for potential use in irrigation and other purposes.
Amount of water needed to cover an acre of land one foot deep in water.
Flowing water onto the surface of a field and allowing it to soak in.
Following practices that make good use of natural and artificial sources of water.
Applying water directly to the root zone of plants using small emitters; also know as drip irrigation.
Water from aquifers; obtained by pumping or artesian pressure.
The amount of water in the soil when a plant starts to wilt; the point at which soil moisture deficiency stresses plant.
Providing the right amount of water at the right time for the most efficient plant growth and production.
Using irrigation water to apply fertilizer, herbicides, and insecticides to crops.
Using small earthen ridges through pastures or fields to direct and contain flood irrigation water.
Water in the soil that can be used by plants.
Small opening that releases irrigation water.
Applying water through the air in droplet form.
The force by which soil particles hold on to moisture.
Moisture in the soil .
Where plant roots are found in the soil.