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Flowers For Algernon

Puzzle Type: Educational
Emily: Emily
Annoy continually or chronically.
Dependent for existence.
Physically weak, as from age or sickness.
Talk with excessive pride.
To make impure or unsuitable.
An occurrence or something.
Allow to have.
Set up or lay the groundwork for.
Think moodily or anxiously about something.
Give an interpretation.
Abrupt manner.
Force somebody to do something.
To move slow.
A person who cultivates an area of interest.
To compose or represent.
A reversible fabric of linen.
An uncontrollable outburst of emotion.
Fixed in your purpose.
A special group delegated to consider some matter.
A place where coins, paper currency, are produced under governed authority.
The state or situation of being alone.
Have a meeting in order to talk something over.
Be attractive to.
An angry dispute or alteration.
Severe or bare in appearance or outline.