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Teacher: hannah
Process of decoding an mRNA message into a protein
Combines with proteins to form ribosomes
3 nucleotides that specify a single amino acid to be added to a polypeptide
DNA that codes for protein
Shift the "reading frame" of the genetic message
Main enzyme involved in DNA
DNA tightly coiled around proteins
DNA makes a copy of myself
Condition of having extra sets of chromosomes
Protein that DNA wraps around in eukaryotic chromosomes
An enzyme that uses one strand of DNA as a template to assemble nucleotides into a strand of RNA
Process which an mRNA is made by copying DNA
Charge in genetic material
DNA that doesn't code for proteins
3 bases on a tRNA molecule that are complementary to an mRNA codon
Basic unit of DNA molecule
Single nucleotide is substituted by another
A virus that infects bacteria
Single stranded RNA that carries the code to make a protein
Hydrogen bonds can form only between certain DNA bases
DNA pieces that are the main function of hereditary transmission
Transfers amino acids to ribosomes during protein synthesis
Signal in DNA that tells an enzyme where to bond to make RNA