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An English Christmas

Puzzle Type: Fun
The Middle Ages: Mrs. Manning
A sign to weary travelers of food and shelter
A song telling the birth of the Christ child
English traditional written greeting
Kisses depended on the number of its berries
Pessimistic masculine extreme conservative
English Santa
Tube-shaped object with sweets wrapped in brightly-colored paper with a message
Draped with tinsel, ribbon, paper chains, cookies and candies, and small toys
German symbol with 4 candles to represent faith, joy, love, and peace
Dutch Santa
German Santa
Pagan tradition of making a lot of noise to scare off evil spirits
Time when churches open alms boxes and help the poor
Dessert steeped in warm brandy and decorated in the center with a sprig of holly
Traditionally known to ward off evil spirits
Warm toddy offered to carolers