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AP psychology crossword

Teacher: Christina Derr
Looking inward for answers
German philosopher
When neither the testers nor the subjects know which group is the experimental and control, and which received the placebo
Study of how we think, remember and decide
Behavior based on inherited traits
Assigning subjects to an experiment randomly
Specializes in diagnosis and mental disorders
Seeing the effect of biology, psychology and social factors in understanding health
Research that is used in a real life situation
People tend to overestimate how much other people agree with their beliefs
Founder of Western philosophy
A theory that is tested in a lab setting
Variable that stands alone and is not affected by the dependent
Being able to "predict" a situation after it already happened
Behavior based on hormones and brain functions
A proposed scientific idea
Used to define something in terms of process
Perceiving a relationship between two variables when none exists
Father of American psychology
Research to improve scientific understanding
Student of Socrates
Someone who gives academic or personal advice
Advocated structuralism