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Vocabulary Words Puzzle #3

Teacher: Kelly
To refute, oppose or counteract something by evidence, argument or contrary proof
Out of court statment, other than one made by the declarant while testifying to prove the truth of the matter asserted
The effect of evidence
A person against who a money judgment has been entered but not yet satisfied is a Judgment ______
To send back
To annul or make void, to terminate
An order issued from a court requiring the performance of a specified act, or giving authority to have it done
2 words - the situation that currently exists, Status ___
3 words - Latin, for this occasion or particular case
An appellate court's overturning of a lower court's decision
To occupy the place of authority
2 words - having more evidence for than against, a reasonable ground for belief in the existence of facts warranting the proceedings complained of
A civil or criminal judicial proceeding
Something that tends to prove or disprove the existence of an alleged fact
A legal inference or assumption
Connected with or situated near the ocean
The proper or a possible place for the trial because the place has some connection with the events that have given rise to the lawsuit
A legal issue involving the interpretation and application of the US Constitution, an act of Congress or a Treaty, Federal _____
An order from appellate court directing a lower court to take a specified action
A court order prohibiting or restricting a person from harassing, threatening and sometimes even contacting or approaching another specified person, a ____ Order
Of no practical significance
A law passed by a legislative body
By this document or words
The proceedings in any action or prosecution or a summons or writ to appear or respond in court
A jury's finding on the factual issues of the case
An occasional application to a court by the parties or their counsel, in order to obtain some rule or order
To offer or tender
A meeting of the judge and lawyers to plan the trial, a ____ Conference
The authority by which courts and judicial officers take cognizance of and decide cases
Request made after trial to a higher court
To separate
the term that is given to the form and manner of action or a case that is being tried in court.
A false or weak reason or motive advanced to hide the actual or strong reason or motive
A penalty or other type of enforcement used to bring about compliance with the law or with rules and regulations
Amount charged
A judgment based solely on the allegations and information contained in the pleadings and not on any outside matters, a judgment on the _____
An action for the repossession of personal property wrongfully taken or detained by the defendant, whereby the palintiff gives security for and holds the property until the court decides who owns it
2 words - an action brought under a statute that allows a private person to sue for a penalty, part of which the government or some specified public institution will receive, ___ ___ Action
Party against who an appeal is taken or against whom a motion or petition is filed
2 words - a written direction or comand delivered by a court or judge, a ___ ___ order
The formal delivery of a writ, summons or other legal process, ___ of Process
In-court, contradiction of an adverse party's evidence
Memo of Understanding, abbrev.
Latin for anew