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Christmas Around the World

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This festival is celebrated every year in Hong Kong and is famous for its New Year's countdown.
In the United States they use these to illuminate their homes during the holidays.
The Star of Bethlehem led the Biblical Magi to the birth of Jesus, commonly depicted as this scene.
Germans eat one treat each day to help countdown this time leading up to Christmas Day.
In France, Merry Christmas is exclaimed this way.
In the Netherlands, children leave a shoe out in hopes to receive sweets or small presents from this man during the night.
A strange modern Christmas tradition that requires hanging this last on the tree and the first child to find it gets an extra present.
The United Kingdom uses this greenery to ward off evil spirits and celebrate new growth.
Typically topped with a star, this type of fir is decorated in American homes at Christmas.
In the United Kingdom, this is the holiday celebrated on the day after Christmas.
Part of an American Christmas Tale, this is the 9th animal to pull Santa's sleigh.
In Mexico, Merry Christmas is exclaimed this way.
Hark! These sing glory to the new born king!
In Italy, children hang this by the fireplace for Befana, an old lady, to fill with presents.
This flowering winter plant is originally from Mexico.
This european dessert is soaked in spirits and served in celebration of Christmas.
Originated in Germany, this was made to look like a Shepards crook.
Originated in Germany, these are hung on a Christmas tree for decoration.
Pulled by one horse, this jingles all the way.
This bird is a common symbol of Christmas and brings good luck throughout the year.