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Elements of Art

Teacher: Lisa Cassel
A _____ is an example of a sphere shape.
_____is used to describe either the way a work actually feels or how it looks like it might feel.
______ space is the area between, around, through, or within an object.
A ____ is an example of a cube shape.
A value _____ is a tool artists use to help them to organize and study the values in a piece. It is usually made up of several connecting, each with a different color/value in progressively darker tones.
A continuous mark, made on a surface, by a moving point or pointed tool.
The lightness or darkness of a color is its _____.
A type of space.
Form is similar to shape, except that it has ____.
A type of art work which heavily uses the element of form.
____ lines are lines that are not actually drawn but created by a group of objects
_____ spaces are the spaces that are occupied by an object and/or form.
A ____is an example of an organic shape.
The number of elements of art.
_____ lines are lines that describe the shape of an object and the interior detail.
Implied form in drawings or paintings is created using value and space to create the illusion of depth on a two dimensional (flat) surface.
____ of art
The space that is in the front.
Artist who drew Arles: View from the Wheatfields.
You need at least ____ or more elements to make a piece of art.
____ is a tint of red.