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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Cell Organelles

Puzzle Type: Fun
Student: For fun
Control center of cell
Creates proteins
Can have none or several vacuoles
Protects cell
Produces energy through cellular respiration
Creates glucose
Produces energy through cellular respiration
Protects cell and lets things in/out of the cell
Creates proteins
Have chloroplast and cell walls
Created the compound microscope
Surrounds the nucleus
Holds food, water, or waste
Contains the DNA of an organism
Carries materials throughout cell
Allows cell to move
Creates glucose
Breaks down fatty acids and toxic compounds.
This is what everything else in the crossword puzzle is part of
This is a broader category that most of the other things in this word search are in
Used to see things that are microscopic
Gel-like substance that contains other organelles
Breaks down larger food molecules and digests old cell parts