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Student: Ayla Shibuya
The tendency of people to imitate others' behaviors and attitudes.
The person given the ultimate administrative responsibility for a school's operation.
____ curriculum. The unstated and sometimes unintended aspects of the curriculum.
The practice of prohibiting objectionable materials, such as certain books used in libraries or in academic classes.
A scoring scale that describes criteria for grading.
A national network of charter schools that stress academics and feature extended school hours and mandatory homework.
The study of theories of knowledge, truth, existence, and morality.
A set of related principles that are based on observation and are used to explain the world around us.
The part of the curriculum consisting of learning experiences that go beyond the core of students' formal studies.
A view of learning that asserts that to make sense of their experiences, students construct their own understanding of the topics they study instead of having that understanding transmitted to them by someone else.
A teacher's or other school employee's failure to exercise sufficient care in protecting students from injury.
Everything that teachers teach and students learn in schools.
A formal complaint against an employer alleging unsatisfactory working conditions.
The energizing force behind student learning.
The extent to which assessment results are interpreted and used appropriately.
The process by which a state evaluates the credentials of prospective teachers to ensure that they have achieved satisfactory levels of teaching competence and are morally fit to work with young people.
The district's head administrative officer who, along with his or her staff, is responsible for implementing policy in the district's schools.
The process of requiring students to demonstrate understanding of the topics the study as measured by standardized tests, as well as holding educators at all levels responsible for students' performance.
A view of learning asserting that people respond primarily to influences in their environment.
The consistency of assessment results.
An educational option in which parents educate their children at home.
An educational philosophy suggesting that nature- including human nature- is constant and that schools should teach classic knowledge.
The set of teacher actions that maximizes the amount of time available for instruction.
Information about current understanding that can be used to promote new learning.
A legal safeguard that provides job security by preventing teacher dismissal without cause.
A check or written document that parents can use to purchase educational services.
____ curriculum. Topics left out of the course of study.