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The Bible Course: Prophets

Mrs. Haggerty: Mrs. Haggerty
This prophet was a farmer
Zephaniah & Habakkuk belong to this prophet list
A prophetic term for the small portion of people who will be saved because of their faithfulness to God.
An approach to problems using a degree of caution and a discerning heart
From the Latin salvare, meaning “to save,” referring to the forgiveness of sins and assurance of permanent union with God, attained for us through the Paschal Mystery—Christ’s work of redemption accomplished through his Passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension. Only at the time of judgment can a person be certain of salvation, which is a gift of God.
(3 words): Five-part cycle that occurs throughout the Bible: “[1] God creates or enters into a covenant, and it is good. [2] Humanity falls into idolatry, resulting in disease, war, and grief. [3] God sends teachers, kings, prophets, or others who lead the people to repentance. [4] The people return to following the Covenant. [5] Peace and God’s healing return to the people”
A family line.
Faithfulness to obligation, duty, or commitment
To proclaim or announce a saving message.
(2 words) : A kingdom formed by the ten northernmost Tribes of Israel.
Jewish belief and expectation that a savior would come
This prophet was a slave before God called
This prophet was a shepherd
A person God chooses to speak his message of salvation
Individual strength and courage
A Hebrew word meaning “God is with us.”
The fair and equitable distribution of life’s necessities
A Hebrew word meaning “God’s anointed one.” Translated as “Christ” in Greek.
(2 words)The land of Judah. The kingdom that contained Jerusalem
(2 words)In 587 BC the Babylonians pillaged Judah, destroyed the Temple and the city of Jerusalem, and banished the people in chains to serve as slaves in Babylon.
A message communicated by prophets on behalf of God, usually a message of divine direction or consolation
A balanced life which uses moderation and self control
Probably covers three different periods
There are four-called this because of the length of their books
This prophet was a priest he had a vision of dry bones