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Reading in the Content Area Final

Puzzle Type: Educational
Another name for format clues that make use of footnotes, italics, boldface print etc
A literal person needs to be able to read and write and learn with ________ elements such as print, graphic design, audio, video, gesture etc.
This is a brief piece of writing that results in a great deal of thinking, like a mini-essay
Can be used to help differentiate instruction by meeting the range of reading levels in their classroom
These are visual displays that can help students comprehend and retain important textual information
This graphic maps has three basic components: Core question, Strands and Supports
The guide for this process follows: discovery, drafting, revising and publishing (_______ process)
These have to be evaluated before you use them to make sure it is a reliable source
At this level of reading comprehension, students read between the lines of the content material
This is another word for exploration, this is a procedure that quickly allows students to generate what they know about a key concept
At this level of reading comprehension, students read the lines of the content material
This is an online journal or diary that can be used as personal accounts of life experiences, but are also a great literacy tool that make students rely on their stream-of-consciousness
In this strategy, helps readers clarify their understanding of reading and the teachers make their thinking explicit by verbalizing their thoughts.
Condensing a large body of text into the main points
This requires students to play with ideas using poetic framework
This is a strategy teachers can use for reading selections to try and make independent reading more common in students’ lives
This is a cue that is a visual symbol that represents a word
This activity require students to determine relationships among technical terms and group words
This lays the groundwork for reflective discussion. This is the strategy that students engage in a process of valuing as they reflect in what they read
The Five A’s strategy is used to evaluate these types of trade books
These are journals that can create a permanent records of how the readers are feeling and thinking as they interact with the text
These are teacher-designed web page that packages various learning tasks and activities for students to complete using internet resources
This note taking strategy recommends you follow the sequence: record, question, recite, reflect and review