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Breaking Open the Word of God

Teacher: Tom Burke
Three beings in One God
The old law of segregation in South Africa
Thou shall not
The theme of "Cry the Beloved Country"
Time of anticipation, waiting
Noah's boat
_____ your Mother and father
The blessings stated at the Sermon on the Mount.
An immoral act, a wrongdoing.
"I can eat fifty ____."
Apostle to the gentiles
A person who advocates complete political or social reform
"Cool Hand _____"
" I am the Way, the ___ and the life.
The leader, in _____ place
First five books of the old testament
Ancient tall story that may contain basis in fact
"Tell somebody that you ____ them."
Having sex outside one's marriage.
a liar, phony
Led Hebrews out of Egypt
Country where "The color of Paradise" took place.
The day of rest
"You two are dumber than a bag of _____."
A feeling of expectation and desire
Thou shall not
An absence of violence
David and ________
One of 150 ancient songs in the Bible
______ and Found