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midterm physical science

Teacher: Juana Chavez
the state of a substance in which its particles are close together but mobile
the accepted body of knowledge, theories, hypotheses, and experimental approaches to answering questions of science
The SI unit of force
the space enclosed or occupied by an object
the amount of matter or the mass of the substance contained in a specific volumetric unit
a temporary, testable explanation of a phenomenon that stimulates and guides further scientific investigation
the state of a substance in which its particles are far apart and have large kinetic energy
a comparison of a dimension of an object of or substance to an appropriate standard, usually an instrument with a calibrated scale
the state of a substance in which its particles occupy fixed positions
distinct particles formed when two or more atoms bond together
-part of the universe under study separated from it’s surroundings by an actual or imaginary boundary.
a neutral nuclear particle, or nucleon
information collected through observation
the outlook form which a person interprets all matters of life
-matter that has distinctly different properties from other matter around it; one of the physical states of a substance in a mixture of its different states; a separate part of a heterogeneous mixture
the outlook form which a person interprets all matters of life
an overarching model that explains the behavior of a related set of natural phenomena
an atom or molecule that has gained or lost electrons, thus producing an imbalance between the number of protons and electrons in the particle
the base particle of matter from which all other matter is constructed
the measure of the earth’s gravity acting upon the matter in an object
a push or pull on a system
- a form of friction exerted by a fluid on an object moving in relation to the fluid
an act or instance of viewing or noting a fact or occurrence for some scientific or other special purpose
a pure substance that contains only one kind of atom
the process of spreading out and mixing due to particle motion
- the collection of observations, inferences, and models produced through a systematic study of nature for the purpose of enabling humans to exercise good and wise dominion over God’s world
the tendency of all matter to resist change in all matter to resist change in motion
the rate of motion of a system. It may also be the magnitude of velocity
the center of an atom containing protons and neutrons, which make up nearly all the mass of the atom.
a simple statement, often expressed as a mathematical equation, that models or describes the relationship among natural phenomena under specified conditions
force applied to an object to move it in a direction parallel to the force vector