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Christmas-opoly 2015 Puzzle

Author: Santa
Caroling or---dates back centuries
In 1919--began making candy canes for the local children
Joel Poinsett was the first ---to Mexico
He wrote "Jingle Bells"
Joy is caused by something ----good or satisfying
In Holland, a lump of coal was for children who had misbehaved. If they had been good, they found a small toy, ---, or candy in their stockings.
Where does Santa stay while on vacation?
These were introduced in the 1990's
Christmas trees grow for about --before being cut
Santa Claus is also known as----
Sugar plums can be made from one of these suggested dried fruits
The 122'snow woman took about--to complete
What do reindeer say before telling you a joke? T---- O---- W---- ------- ----
Down the chimney came St. Nicholas-----
This has come to stand for peace and joy
Clement Clarke Moore wrote "The Night Before Christmas" for his ------
Santa's reindeer probably aren't ------since they lose their antlers in December
Tradition said to stop---once the berries were all gone