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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Life in the Treetops: Verb Search

Teacher: Karen Miller
A long-armed sloth ___ to the branches...
To the top
Rain and dew ___...
Howler monkeys ___.
Time to start hiking
The clouds ___water...
Fog ___.
A harpy eagle ___ high above.
On a branch
The tree rootlets ___in water and nutrients.
With life
In some bromeliads, the thick leaves ___...
I ___ a tree that will help me reach the canopy.
Nalini ___ a tool to help her get to the top.
Epiphytes ___ on other plants.
Many creatures __ and crawl in the mats.
Low clouds ___...
Some tree frogs ___ their eggs there.
With me
She has ___ the cloud canopy for more than 30 years.
Scientists ___ the treetops in many ways.
Bromeliads are ___ like a pineapple top.
The epiphytes and the mat under them ___ a tiny ecosystem.
Hummingbirds ___.
Birds also ___ food among the epiphytes.