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Max's Science Crossword

Science Crossword: Max Owen
High, thin whispey cloud made of ice crystals
Belts of convection currents that circle the earth
How much water is in the air
Cold air forces warm air up, can cause powerful storms
Percentage of water that the air is holding compared to maximum amount
Low, flat cloud, can bring light and long rain
Warm air pushes cool air, can cause long lasting rains
How tightly packed matter is inside an object
Measures wind direction
Located in stratosphere, absorbes most incoming ultraviolet radiation
The movement of warm material upward and cold material downward
Messures volume
Measures wind speed
No atoms are connected
Water moved from gas to liquid
The weight of the atmosphere that is pushing down
Tall, puffy clouds. can bring hugh storms
Water moves from liquid to gas
When heat travels by molecules bouncing into each other
Matter and energy can go in and out
Temperature that air would be saturated at a given amount of water
Measures mass
Matter cannot enter or leave, but energy can still go in and out
Atoms clumped together but move freely
Measures amount of rain
Energy traveling through electromagnetic wave
Atoms locked together and moving slow
Measures length