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Puzzle Type: Fun
David : David
Santa's real name
The Bishop's first name in the movie "The Bishop's Wife"
Number of reindeer leading Santa's sleigh before Rudolph
These 12 made a lot of noise on the 12th day of Christmas
Go ahead and kiss but please don't eat the berries!
The English burn these on the twelfth night of Christmas
Latin name of song sung by Mary in Luke 1
Weeks of Advent before Christmas
This department store chain (now defunct) created Rudolph for an ad.
John's Gospel suggest this was at the very beginning (John 1:1)
What Ralphie Parker found out he was to drink using his decoder ring
Eliza Doolittle's father sang, "We need a little ... (of this).
Name of angel in "Its A Wonderful Life"
Herbie the elf doesn't want to make toys but wants to be a ...
Messiah is the same name as this
Italian Saint celebrated by the Scandinavians (wears candles on her head)
Proper name of the tune for "O Little Town of Bethlehem"
English Folk Tune - "What Child Is this?"
Represents everlasting life and formed in a circle
First name of character who gift-wrapped a cat
Left home alone
Where George Bailey lives
Last name of kid who is often called a "Blockhead."
The Shepherds and the Wise Men followed this to find Jesus
Where Joseph, Mary and Jesus escaped after hearing Herod was looking to kill the child