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Greek & Latin Roots - tain, ten, tent

Teacher: Miss Weaver
Holding back on the final decision; uncertain; hesitant; not fully agreed upon
To place side by side for the purpose of comparing and contrasting
To reduce someone's worth or value; to make someone step down to a lower position or rank
A holder of land, rights; a person who holds the right to live in a residence; an occupant
To hold out; to unbend; to stretch or spread out; to offer
To hold back from an activity by choice; to hold back from voting
A long speech made by one person, a series of jokes told by a comedian
Legal ownership of an invention held by the creator; exclusive right or ownership
Something that holds something else in; a device that holds something in
A period of time in which someone is held back; a form of punishment by holding someone after school hours
False name; a fictitious name
To hold; to have within
Fixed to one spot; little exercise or travel
To hold back; to delay; to keep from proceeding
A band of tough fibrous tissue that holds a muscle to a bone