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Mystery Vocabulary

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Mrs. Tashjian
Person believed to have possibly committed the crime
An excuse that a suspect uses to show that he or she was somewhere other than the scene of the crime when the crime was committed
Someone who is pretending to be another person
Not guilty
Payment made to a victim by the perpetrator of the crime
To admit that you are guilty
Person who is harmed or who suffers a loss because of the crime
Person who committed the crime
Responsible for a crime
Person who assisted the one who committed the crime
Someone being falsely accused because the evidence has been set up to point to them
A false clue intended to confuse the reader
Someone running away from the law
Someone who observed the crime being committed
Person who committed the crime
The reason a criminal committed the crime
Items left at the scene of the crime which will help solve the mystery
Money demanded by a kidnapper for the safe return of the victim
Technique used by authors to leave you hanging at the end of a chapter so you read on
Another name for a person who committed a crime
An illegal act
A detective
Using a disguise
Clues to help solve a mystery