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What is Law?

Teacher: Jim Harrison
Branch of government that clarifies laws.
Type of case that can only be brought by government agencies.
Amendment that gives rights regards firearms.
Person or agency that accuses someone of a wrong
Person named in a lawsuit as committing a crime.
Type of criminal law that carries a sentence of 1 year or more.
Legal way of making a provision less enforceable.
Branch of government that creates laws.
Division of powers among the 3 branches of government.
Attorney who tries to prove the defendant guilty.
One of the earliest written set of laws.
Type of criminal law that carries a sentence of less than 1 year.
Branch of government that includes the President.
Type of contract between two people who want to be a legal couple.
Highest court in the US
Member of Congress that serves a 2 year term limit.
A law that is in conflict with the Constitution.
Rules and regulations made and enforced by government
Must be proven by the prosecution in a criminal case.
Division of power between states and the federal government.
Basic principle of right or wrong.
Rights people have for just being human.
Highest law of the land
Number of years a Representative serves per term.
The opening statement of the Constitution.
Number of branches in our government as established by the Constitution.
27 changes to the Constitution.
When a President says no to a bill voted on by Congress.
A member of Congress who serves a 6 year term.
A quality that is most desirable.