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Exploratory Art Review

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Ms. Narowitz
Circles, squares, rectangles and triangles are examples of_____.
How a surface feels, or how it is thought to feel.
When the colors in a piece of artwork go together well.
A type of drawing that has no value, shape, or form.
Red, yellow, blue.
A great technique for repeating a design
A drawing or painting of arranged objects from observation.
When all the elements of a design work together.
Radial and asymmetrical are examples of this Principle of Design.
When you add shading to your artwork you are creating this.
Is created by adding black to a color.
Violet, Orange, Green.
To create value in a drawing from light to dark.
Is created by adding white to a color.
A gradient from dark to light.
How the subjects of a drawing or painting are arranged.
A long mark made by a drawing tool that can be thick or thin, straight, curvy, dashed etc.
When elements of a design are duplicated, such as in a pattern.