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Texas Revolution Crossword Puzzle

Coach Hughes: Emily Six
He is known for wearing the raccoon-skinned hat.
He served as a letter carrier along with Deaf Smith.
The second most successful empresario.
Santa Anna controlled this place.
He was the one to talk to Stephen F. Austin when Santa Anna wasn't in Mexico.
Where Fannin arrived and he was wounded severely.
He led 300 men and won back the Constitution of 1824.
Settled the 'Old Three Hundred'.
The Texians experienced this a lot. For example, the Battle of Goliad.
Where the Alamo is located.
This is what it said on the flag I the Battle of Gonzales.
Became very sick and could not fight in the Battle of the Alamo.
That was where the Come and Take It flag was raised.
Urrea caught them and defeated the Texians.
What Texas wanted from Mexico.
Led the Texians in the Battle of Goliad.
Led the Texians in the majority of the Texas Revolution.
Located in San Antonio and is where Davy Crockett and James Bowie were killed.
This place wanted independence from Mexico.
The leader of the Mexican Army.