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2016 LAW 201 Group B

Teacher: Professor Mary-Jo Maur
The idea that both federal and provincial acts/laws can be applicable. An example of this is that both the Federal Tobacco Act and Saskatchewan’s Tobacco Control Act are valid.
The doctrine is primarily used when a law is challenged on the basis that one level of government (be it provincial or federal) has encroached upon the exclusive jurisdiction of another level of government.
The interpretation that federal and provincial governments operate exclusively from each other.
The primary extent of the power to make legal decisions and judgments. If this is not impaired, then interjurisdictional immunity is not engaged.
a doctrine associated with the special zones of exclusivity
if the provincial law conflicts with the federal law the federal law will dominate
if a law is considered _______, it is outside constitutional power of government that tried to enact it
when it may be impossible to comply with both jurisdiction of laws