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Rachel's Crossword Trivia

Puzzle Type: Fun
Rachel's Trivia: Rachel de Leon
What Country has Rachel visited twice as a Missions trip?
What country does Rachel’s 104 year old Grandma live in?
What is Rachel’s favorite dance song that is the same title of a movie?
What does Rachel do loudly and often?
What city does Rachel’s 104 year old Grandma live in? (2 words)
What was Rachel’s maiden name? (12 letters)
What famous trail did Rachel hike? (which she calls a death march)
What does Rachel like to make with paper?
Where does Rachel spend most Thursday nights? (2 words)
What sport did Rachel play that she received an All Star award in the Provincial Games of her grade 11 year? (which she still has and brings out on occasion to reminisce)
How many siblings does Rachel have?
What is the only bone Rachel has ever broken?
What town and hospital was Rachel born in - same name?
What famous King died in 1977 when Rachel was 11?
Bonus point to #8 -what city?