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World Geography Asia

Teacher: Susan O'Mahoney
republic in S Asia
Climate generally relatively moderate, rather than extremely hot or cold
commander-in-chief in feudal Japan
country of southeast Asia on the former Gulf of Siam
country in Himalayas on NE border of India
period in the history of ancient Egypt, comprising the 11th to 14th dynasties
southeast Asian country on the South China Sea
classes of Hindu society, distinguished by social status
member of a powerful military caste in feudal Japan
non theistic religion or philosophy
stone wall extending for fifteen hundred miles
lower caste in India whose touch was believed to defile a high-caste Hindu
prime minister of India
Chinese philosopher
a major religious and cultural tradition of South Asia
country in Southwestern Pacific that consists of more than 7000 islands
Climate characterized by a severe lack of available water
Climate that is warm all year with at most a minor cool season
line of hereditary rulers of a country
second most populous country in the world