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Weather 3

Author: WLD
The prevalent long term weather conditions in a particular area
Effect that describes the rotation of two storms around each other
The process of a liquid changing into a vapor or gas
In winter, refers to more than seven degrees Celsius below normal
The absence of apparent motion in the air
The standard scale used to measure temperature in the United States
a warm, dry, gusty wind that occasionally occurs to the leeward side of a mountain range, particularly the Rocky Mountains
A sudden, intense rainfall that is normally of short duration
A snowfall that suddenly stops and starts and changes rapidly in intensity with limited accumulation
A condition that occurs when water overflows the natural or artificial confines of a stream or river
Another term for Celsius
Cloud or rain droplets containing pollutants, such as oxides of sulfur and nitrogen
Descriptive term for gusty winds that accompany cold weather
A description of the most significant weather conditions expected during the current and following days
The process by which water vapor becomes a liquid
A rainbow that has a white band that appears in fog, and is fringed with red on the outside and blue on the inside
Thin, new ice that forms on fresh water or dew covered surfaces
Free from rain
Abnormally dry weather in a region over an extended period sufficient to cause a serious hydrological imbalance in the affected area
a small gusty air current that moves upward or downward abruptly