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Corn, DJ's, Squirrels,Gladwell & Dr. Ivan Joseph

Teacher: Mr Sindlinger's Idiosyncratic Puzzles
This is a three-letter acronym for the important civil rights leader who was celebrated this year on January 18.
The person or thing that is not expected to win a conflict...
It is something that is legally distinctive as no two people can produce or evidence identical forms of it, at least in the eyes of an expert it is totally distinctive to each person.
It is a word or singular term of statistics, about an exceptional number that stands apart from the set or range of normal expectations. It applies to people in Gladwell's book, as Michael Jordan and Bill Gates are exceptional, not normal.
The four-word compound word that indicates how long it takes for the average person to become good at what he or she is doing; this word has no spaces inbetween the four words here and it it spelled out in letters instead of Arbaic numbers
This is the last name of a famous French DJ who has produced six albums of CD's. and five years ago he was voted #1 DJ by the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ's poll.
Most disc jockeys have at least one of these visible in order to "spin" music via vinyl records.
The title of Malcolm Gladwell's second book, it is about understanding how in life we make instant judgments for no easy, rational reason.
It is a compound word and here there's no middle space in this sometimes hyphenated word; it is the most important skill in life for soccer coach Dr. Ivan Joseph of Kansas State University.
The Aztecs used it to decorate themselves and it looked to the Spaniards like a pretty white flower.
This is an adjective or a noun, but an adjective when it was applied to popcorn that is made to be heated in an oven that uses what some call "magnetron technology."
These forest creatures are not easily seen everywhere here in Las Vegas, but artists enjoy drawing their busy tails and their sometimes powerful buck teeth.
These are places (in the English plural form, please) that show movies and often charge more movie for a tub of popcorn than the cost of the movie ticket. Shakespeare also wrote his work for these places.
According to history, this 16-year old first played music across the radio airwaves before the word "disc jockey" was invented; it is just his last name.