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Spelling: Unit 13

Teacher: Mr. Barth
List of ingredients used for making something
Antonym of abundance
The way that someone or something looks
Person who designs and guides a plan, project, etc.
Person involved in an activity or event
What someone thinks about a topic or issue
Thin book with a paper cover that contains stories, pictures, etc.
Piece of writing about a subject that is included in a newspaper, magazine, etc.
Antonym of abnormal
Device for sending or receiving radio or TV signals
Completely and totally
Ability to do something without wasting material, time, or energy
A feeling of doubt or mistrust
Of or relating to an entire country
Unable to concentrate
Group of musicians who play music together
Synonym for disagreement
Something that tells someone about possible danger or trouble
An officer of high rank in the army, air force, or marines
Type of math that uses numbers and letters that represent numbers