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Prehistoric Cave Art

Teacher: Mrs. Lawrence
What grows in the caves now that the original dirt has been removed from the entrance
Caves containing prehistoric paintings in Spain
French Minister of Culture that ordered the closure of Lascaux in 1963 to the public
Last caves found in 1994
Famous artist that viewed Lascaux
Gas exhaled by visitors that caused the fungus to grow
Used by aborigines and prehistoric man to blow dry pigment over their hands
Another word for cow like animal that is in the paintings
System installed in 2001 to combat the fungus but made it worse
What was sprayed on the walls of the cave to combat fungus
Near the entrance of Lascaux (white ceiling)
The job that Ravidat and Marsal did at the cave site
Name of the boy's dog that helped discover Lascaux
Largest cave painting found
Man who authenticated the art as prehistoric at Lascaux
Three dimensional art work on the flat surface of the cave wall
Used to help make paint adhere to the wall
Another way to write rust
Quill used like a paint brush by prehistoric people
Caves discovered by 4 boys looking for their dog in France