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Life in Colonial New York

Columbia University was founded in New York City in 1754, but it was first called ______.
Someone who works with a more experienced person to learn a skill
Someone who was obligated to work for a person for a certain amount of time, after which he or she became free
A job that helps people, like being a doctor or a teacher
Shows when events happened in order
Large tract of land owned by one person who rented out smaller pieces to farmers
A job that involves the buying and selling of goods to make money
Newspaper publisher who was arrested for printing articles critical of the governor; thought as the symbol of Freedom of the Press
The people and laws that run a place like a colony or a city
Worker with a special skill, like shoemaking or carpentry
Soap was made from fire ashes and animal ___.
Where French Huguenots settled in 1678
Because there were no showers, people took these usually only once a week
At one school in New York, students had to pay sixpence, or _____ a week to learn to read.