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Soil Organisms

The suppression of the growth of one organism by another organism by the production of toxic or growth inhibiting substances.
Small unsegmented worm
An organism that lives off another organism.
An organism that hunts and eats prey.
An order of microbes common to soil
Organism that feeds on plants, the second level of the food chain.
An organism that feeds on a primary consumer.
Simple chlorophyll containing plants.
Adding microbes to soil, seed, or culture medium.
Chemical reaction caused by certain microbes in the soil that change nitrate nitrogen to gaseous nitrogen or gaseous nitrogen oxides.
An adjective applied to organisms that grow, or processes that occur, in the absence of oxygen.
A zone of soil immediately surrounding plant roots that supports a high population of microorganisms feeding on organic materials released by the root.
Organism not capable of producing own food.
Microorganism that feeds on dead organic matter.
Material of plant or animal origin that decays in the soil to form humus.
Fungi that forms a symbiotic relationship with plant roots.
Conversion of elements in organic forms to inorganic forms by decay.
Microbes that obtain their food from dead organic materials, causing decay and decomposition.
Microbial conversion of gaseous nitrogen to organic nitrogen in the soil.
Individual strands of the vegetative body of fungi.
Absorption of an available nutrient by a soil organism or plant, changing it to an unavailable organic form.
An adjective applied to organisms that grow, or processes that occur, in the presence of oxygen.
Important soil organisms, especially as decomposers.
Capable of producing one's own food from carbon dioxide and/or carbonates by photosynthesis or oxidation of inorganic compounds.
Two organisms living in close association to the other's benefit.
Decay-resistant residue of organic matter decomposition.