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Civil War Crossword

by: Thompson Sewell
Fist name of confederate general, nicknamed "Stonewall"
Name for Southern troops
Written by Lincoln, 190,00 slaves flee to fight in Union army because of it
Where Battle of Bull Run took place
Bloodiest battle of war, lasted 3 days, Pickett's Charge
After Lincoln's death this man took over as POTUS
Last name of man who led Union to take over northern portion of Miss. R, successful
Machine used by Lincoln to communicate
What holiday was the same day as Lincoln's death?
Fist battle
Single bloodiest day in US war history
Region of US that wanted slavery, confederate
Lincoln's assassin
Took place in battle of Gettysburg, lasted 50 minutes
Union plan to "squeeze" Confederacy into submission
POTUS during Civil War
Name for Northern troops
"spinal column of America"
_______'s march to the sea
Region of US that didn't want slavery, union