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severe weather

When____________ strikes, energy is released.
The funnel cloud becomes a tornado when it touches the _________.
An area can get so much rain that it begins to ______.
At the center of the hurricane is the ______.
Small, intense weather systems that produce strong winds, heavy rain, lightening and thunder.
Lightening often strikes the _______object in an area.
Severe _______ can be very dangerous.
The lower part of the cloud carries mainly ________ charge.
Lightning is responsible for starting thousands of forest _______ each year.
Rain bands are spiraling bands of _______.
A hurricane gets its energy from the condensation of water ________.
Thunderstorms can be very _____and powerful.
__________ are the most powerful storms on earth.
Hurricanes that form over the Indian Ocean are called _______.
This happens in only 1% of thunderstorms.
The upper part of a cloud ususaly carries a ______electric charge.
A tornado starts out as a _______ cloud.
In the western Pacific Ocean hurricanes are called________.
The eye _____ is the strongest part of the hurricane.
The sound caused by the rapid expansion of air along an electrical strike.