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Good or Not-So-Evil Robots from Science Fiction

Teacher: Mr Sindlinger's Idiosyncratic Puzzles
It is an iconic robot that is friendly and it appeared in the 1956 movie "The Forbidden Planet."
He (or it) is a gargantuan colossus and stomps around making a mess out of the English countryside. Ultimately he (or it) is befriended by a boy before saving us all from a giant space monster.
It is at first nothing more than a cleaning robot, but then it's not about size but about heart as it helps free the human race that had become slaves to an evil- eyed wheel captain Auto while drifting on a space ship.
In the early 1500s, Leonardo Da Vinci was commissioned to create an automaton for a king. The talented Renaissance man built a mechanical lion with the ability to walk. Upon reaching its destination, a compartment in the fully automatic lion's chest opened, revealing a flower lily in honor of the French king.
The best good transformer
It was a disembodied, mechanical head speaking in a monotonous, mechanical voice. It basically was a talking machine built for carnival amusement in the 1850's.
In 1939, this robot went on display at the World's Fair in New York, where he was a popular attraction. It blew up balloons, told jokes and smoked cigarettes. It also moved its arms and walked, and photoelectric eyes detected the difference between the colors red and green.
An artificially intelligent law enforcement robot captured and taught by gangsters, who give it a nickname.
This is the Czech word for any forced labor or servitude. Originally, they were used as factory workers who tirelessly perform grueling work and did not have to be paid!
This robot makes evil or malevolence in a robot appear as funny." It is a member of the cast of the animated TV comedy series "Futurama"; according to people who view the show, it is "more of a menace to propriety than a genuine threat to humankind."