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1909-1919 American Culture

heavyweight boxing champion from 1908-1919.
An Olympian know as the world’s greatest athlete.
John L. Wright was credited for inventing this popular toy.
This Act penalized anyone who aided the enemy or obstructed recruiting.
Congressman of Milwaukee that was sentenced to twenty years for helping edit antiwar material.
Writer of the first blues tune, “St. Louis Blues.”
Country where the influenza originated from.
Toy with the advertisements of “ Hello Boys! Make Lots of Toys!”
Famous baseball player who in 1916 held opposing teams scoreless fifteen times and finished his career with 3,503 strikeouts.
The first movie to tell a story that came out in 1903.
Famous comedian with the nickname “fatty.”
Famous dance that replaced the waltz.
Winner of the 1916 presidential election.
Most popular way to listen to music at this time.
Title of shows combining everything from comedians, singers, and jugglers.
Author of Riders of the Purple Sage.
Name of the ship that Germany shot with a torpedo that killed 1,198 people.
Edison is credited for inventing this machine with a light source and a peephole through which people watched moving pictures.
Group whose jobs was to convince Americans that the decision to declare war was right and to secure their cooperation in achieving victory.
Name of coins used to buy bonds or stamps.
Blacks at this time migrated into these northern places.
The New York Sunday World in 1913 created this new feature.
This country gave the Virgin Islands to the United States for 25 million dollars.
Edgar Rice Burroughs's famous adventure book.
Movie star that helped raise money for the war.
Minstrel show tradition in which whites mimicked blacks.
Nickname for WW1.
Name of the first movie theater that had an admission price of one nickel.
Mary Pickford played this role of the romantic heroine.
The State where movies are now being made after originally being produced in New York.