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Government and Economics Review

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Mrs. McCann
Education and skills
The citizens elect the head of the government
Power is shared between the central government and small local governments
Factories, machines, technology, buildings
Tax on imports
Total value of a country's goods and services
Government makes the basic economic decisions
North American Free Trade Agreement
A single ruler with unlimited power
Rule by a small group of people
A central government operates all levels of government in the country
Countries agree that they would be better able to solve problems if they worked together
Gifts of nature - rain forest
Most economies are this
Voluntary exchange of goods
Person who starts a business
Economy where customs of the past decide how goods are produced
Decisions in this economy are based on supply and demand
Citizens elect members of parliament who elect the head of the government
One person or country does one thing very well
Money to make trade easier
Power is in the citizens of the country
Specific limit on the number of imports
Government order stopping trade with another country
Goods purchased from other countries